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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Weight Loss Training Plan: 8 minute workout

The entire idea of an eight-minute workout goes against conventional wisdom. And that's true—unless you're following the 8-Hour Diet, in which case eight minutes, first thing in the morning, is all you need to rev your metabolism and torch calories.

Here's why: Unlike the average American who's feasting 24-7, you've started a diet program in which you're eating whatever you want, but in a strict, eight-hour window each day. Much of the caloric value of the food you eat is stored in the liver as glycogen. By following the 8-Hour Diet and not running your liver the way Howard Stern runs his mouth (i.e., constantly), you give your body the chance to burn off that glycogen and start burning fat. And that happens regardless of whether you exercise or not.

When you jump-start your day with a tiny bit of exercise, you tap into your fat stores earlier and more effectively. By exercising before your first meal, you'll boost your metabolism and maximize the amount of time your body is burning fat.

Combined with the 8-Hour Diet, these three simple exercise routines will help you shed fat faster. Up the intensity by combining them into 16-, 24- or 32-minute routines. But aim for consistency: It's better to do eight minutes every day than 32 minutes once or twice a week.

WORKOUT 1: Two-Exercise Routine (Move 1 and Move 2)
These two exercises use your own body weight to target hard-to-tone areas like the butt, thighs, arms, and shoulders. Do eight reps of exercise 1A, followed by eight reps of 1B. Repeat as many rounds as you can in eight minutes, resting when needed. You'll burn about 16 calories per set.

WORKOUT 2: Combined Exercise Intervals (Move 3, Move 4, Move 5, and Move 6)
Zap body fat with these two combo routines. Do the first exercise for 60 seconds, then immediately perform the second exercise for 60 seconds. Rest one minute. Do a second round of the same exercises, then rest for another minute. Do your third round, and you're done—eight minutes of intense calorie burn.

WORKOUT 3: Up and At 'Em Blood Pumpers (Move 7 and Move 8)
These fast-moving exercises get your blood flowing and your heart rate up. Do one exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Do the second exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for another 20 seconds. That's one rep. Do six reps.

MOVE 1: Body-Weight Power Squat

Stand with your feet slightly beyond shoulder-width apart, toes forward, hands next to your sides (a). Simultaneously push your hips back and swing your arms backward, lowering your body until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor (b). Pause, then quickly push yourself back to the starting position, swinging your arms above your head and ending the movement on your toes (c).

MAKE IT EASIER: Put a box or chair behind you and squat to the surface each time (without resting your butt on the chair). Pause momentarily, then push yourself up.

MAKE IT HARDER: Jump up from the down position of the squat instead of just standing up.

MOVE 2: Bucking Hop

Get down on all fours, with your hands and knees on the floor (a). Raise your knees off the floor an inch or two. Without changing the posture of your lower back, "hop" your feet off the floor and to the right. (Imagine there's an imaginary line that you're hopping over.) Immediately hop to the left (b). Continue hopping back and forth, keeping your hips and shoulders square throughout the exercise. Tip: Keeping most of your weight on your shoulders will allow a smooth transfer from side to side.

MAKE IT HARDER: Increase the height and distance of each hop.

MOVE 3: T-Rotation

Get into a pushup position with your arms straight (a). In one movement, lift your right hand and rotate the right side of your body upward, until you're facing sideways and your arms and body form a T (b). Reverse the move, rotating to the left. Make sure to keep your hips raised and your body in a straight line as you rotate.

MAKE IT HARDER: Do a pushup between each rotation.

MOVE 4: Hip Extension

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your arms at an angle out to your sides, palms down (a). Raise your hips, keeping your body straight from shoulders to knees (b). Hold for one or two seconds. Lower your hips to the floor and repeat.

MAKE IT HARDER: Place your fingertips on your forehead.

MOVE 5: Judo Pushup

Start in a pushup position but move your feet hip-width apart and forward, and raise your hips so your body almost forms an upside-down V (a). Lower the front of your body until your chin nears the floor (b). Lower your hips as you straighten your arms and raise your head and shoulders toward the ceiling (c). Push your hips back up into the upside-down V.

MAKE IT EASIER: Simply move back and forth from the upside-down V position to the starting pushup position.

MOVE 6: Duck Walk

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Put your hands behind your head, flaring your elbows and squeezing your shoulder blades back and down (a). Squat as far down as you can (b) and walk a few steps forward, then backward without raising or lowering your hips (c).

MOVE 7: Plank Walkups

Start in plank position with bent elbows, resting your weight on your forearms. Keep your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, and contract your abs, stabilizing your core (a). Without changing your body posture (don't let your hips sag!), place your left hand on the floor, then your right hand (b). Push your body into the "up" position of a pushup (c). Lower yourself back onto your elbows into plank position, one arm at a time. Repeat as many times as you can.

MOVE 8: Speed Skater Hops

Stand on your left foot with your left knee slightly bent and your right foot slightly off the floor. Lower your body toward the floor (a), then bound to your right by jumping off your left leg. Land on your right foot and bring your left foot behind your right as you reach toward the outside of your right foot with your left hand (b). Reverse the movement, landing on your left foot.


Monday, 6 January 2014

The 8 Hour Diet and how it works....

This diet works on the theory that the human body is designed for periods of eating and then periods of fasting.

This involves consuming calories over an 8 hour period and then fasting for a 16 hour period each day. During the 16 hour period the human body should be focused on repair and rest, rather than continually digesting food.

8 Hour Food Window

All of a dieter’s daily calories must be consumed only during his/her predetermined 8 hour eating window. For example, if your calorie window is from 9am to 5pm, you must eat during that time period only.

The window can be adjusted depending on a person’s schedule and can be different during different days of the week. Dieters should eat this way at least 3 days a week in the beginning of the diet and gradually increase towards 7 days a week.

Eat Whatever You Want

There are no forbidden foods on The Eight Hour Diet, but Zinczenko does advise that this diet is not an excuse to overeat. Portion size must still be considered.

The only exception to this rule are sugary beverages, since the 8 Hour Diet discourages drinking calories.

Delay Breakfast

Dieters should delay eating breakfast until the beginning of their food window. For example, If you can’t start eating until 10am, Zinczenko recommends starting the day with a cup of tea, water, or coffee and doing some light exercise before any calories are consumed. (similar to 6 Weeks to OMG Diet)

Eat as Often as You Want

Snacks can be eaten as often as a dieter wants as long as all eating is within the 8 Hour Diet window.

Tomorrow we'll learn about the 8 Minute Exercise.


Friday, 9 August 2013

Dark Beauty. ( Bright lipstick for dark skin)

Many dark skinned woman think they can not wear bright lipstick. Here are some tips on how to wear bright lipstick:

1. Keep eye makeup minimal. Wear only champagne eyeshadow, a little bit of black eyeliner, and a coat of mascara. And if you're wearing a very saturated lip color, don't top it off with gloss bright and shiny lips can look cheesy.

2. Use a thin nylon brush to outline your lips with concealer (choose a dry formula). This keeps lipstick from smudging or settling into lines around your mouth and doesn't look harsh, the way a lip pencil can.

3. Pat lipstick onto your lips with your finger to get a soft, stained finish—it's more flattering and less maintenance than an opaque layer of color. (Use your ring finger—the pad is smaller and more precise, and you won't apply as much pressure as you might with your index finger.)

My favorite color is Lipstick n 20 - Matte Finish from Black UP.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Anti aging and skin lightning Face mask (papaya)

As promised yesterday.. Here I share with you my favorite Papaya homemade facial recipe. It will keep your face smooth and soft and also leave it even toned.

What you'll need

  • 1/2 a ripe papaya—peeled, seeded, and sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric

Mash the papaya in a bowl with a fork until evenly mashed, mix in the other ingredients by hand. Spread over your face, be careful that no mixture gets into your eyes. Let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes. Wipe or rinse your face clean with warm water.

Other products that  contain papaya:

Papaya Body Balm by June Jacobs  - R 490

This unique synergistic action works to soften, protect and penetrate the skin as it replenishes lost moisture. Not only is the papaya scent intoxicating, but it leaves the skin refreshed and revitalized.

For the best result, apply the June Jacobs Papaya Body Balm daily after showering to keep the skin fresh and supple.