Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cup a Tea ( Black tea health benefits)

I use to look at my Gran and wonder how in the world she managed to drink 5 cups of Black tea a day. Personal I don't like the taste of tea but being the curious self that I am, I went on a research spree to find out what are the health benefits of my beloved Grans tea.

Black tea is one of the mostly consumed teas in the world, maybe because it is a good alternative to coffee as it is high in caffiene.

1. Cancer Prevention

Black tea is loaded with polyphenols. This is an antioxident which helps protect your cells from DNA damage. Research has shown that women who drink black tea have a lower risk of getting ovarian cancer than those who don't.

2. Immune system Booster

Tannins and alkylamine antigens are substances found in black tea. Tannins helps fight viral infections such as flues and the alkylamine antigens helps boost your immune system's response to viruses.

3. Increased Energy levels

Black tea is loaded with caffiene. The invigorating effect of caffiene found in the black tea is said to be more than found in coffee.

4. Help clear blemishes and uneven skin

Place a tea bag in warm water and let it steep for a bit. Then rub the teabag on to your face. Do this for about two minutes. The caffiene contained in the black tea will tighten your skin and lighten dark areas.

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